My Word Press

Hello! Welcome to my wordpress. Years ago, I started my blog and then got tired of it. Its always been my problem. I procrastinate a lot. I have so much ideas in my mind but they are all stuck in there. I tend to do all things at the same time and would end up not doing anything at all. But now, I am very inspired to start my blog and hopefully, maintain it on a regular basis. What you will read mostly are probably about frustrations. I hate talking to people about my negative vibes so I vent it out through writing. I have numerous journals at home. Some are untouched. I love collecting journals and I intend to use them all but like what I said, I am a procrastinator. I even have a journal for my Insomnia nights.
Anyways, I hope this blog launching will be a successful one.
All blogs will be about:

My family

My hun

My education

My beliefs

My happiness

My frustrations

My flaws

Everything about me…..

If you notice, I didn’t include work. Well, most of my frustrations and disappointments and the number one source of my stress is work. So I guess, work is under ‘my frustrations’ 😀
Enjoy reading guys. And my advance apologies for any grammatical error. I always write directly from my mind and I don’t use any drafts.

Narcissistic eh… 🤔